Free Boiler Appraisal

Our free boiler Appraisal service is available to new and existing customers.

This service popular for first time home buyers and customers with old boilers.

The boiler appraisal is completely free of charge and can be arranged at a convenient time to suit you, evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

The boiler checks will consist of the following:

* We check for visual damage on the boiler

*Boiler controls operational

* Boiler indicating fault codes

* Visual leaks on the boiler

* Visual safety issues / concerns

Optional upgrade to a comprehensive boiler health check for £60 + vat which also includes the following:

* Gas Tightness Test & pressure check

* Flue Gas Analysis to check correct boiler combustion

* Internal boiler check for leaks and potential issues

* Run the heating system at maximum temperature to check correct boiler operation

* Check internal boiler components for correct operation

* Gas rate the appliance to check boiler is burning correct amount of gas

* Check that the boiler has been installed according to gas regulations, building regulations and boiler manufacturers instructions 

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