Ferroli Boiler Repairs Birmingham

Ferroli Boiler Not working?

We repair and replace ferroli boilers on a regular basis, mainly with the following faults:

* No Hot Water

* Not heating Radiators

* Displaying fault code

* Boiler leaking

So if you're experiencing any of the above issues with your ferroli boiler then call us today and have a quick chat with one of our friendly gas safe registered engineers to discuss the fault.

What to check before calling an engineer!

* Check that the boiler has power and the lights or boiler display lights up

* Check your heating pressure is between 1-1.5bar , if the pressure is not within these pressures then your boiler manual should provide instructions with how to top up the pressure

* Check your batteries or replace your batteries if your thermostat is wireless and battery powered 

If you have checked the above and you are still experiencing problems with your boiler then please call us on 01217690206 or use our contact page

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