Electric Water thermal Storage Heaters

Does your pulsacoil 2000 electric water heater / boiler need replacing?

If your water heater or electric boiler is faulty or leaking then give us a call as we may be able to repair it, if your pulsacoil 2000 is beyond repair then we will provide you with a no obligation quote to replace the appliance.

Gledhill have replaced the pulsacoil 2000 with the new pulsacoil ECO stainless with anti-scale technology, a new ERP pump and new software reducing the response time for hot water by up to 75%

Pulsacoil ECO stainless is a thermal store unit meaning that it does not require any annual maintenance unlike unvented hot water cylinders.

The new pulsacoil Eco stainless has 2 immersion elements which helps take advantage of off peak electric to heat the water and a booster to use during peak hours.

Do i need to replace my Pulsacoil 2000?

If your pulsacoil unit is leaking and corroded then it is certainly time to replace the whole appliance. By replacing your water heater you will also save money on your electric bill due to the higher efficiency parts and technology.

If you are unsure whether your appliance needs replacing then feel free to contact us and speak to a qualified engineer.

How much will it cost to replace my pulsacoil water heater?

For the new pulsacoil appliance, labour and all parts and fittings our prices start from only £1500 plus VAT

The new pulsacoil eco stainless will be commissioned , tested registered and certified by a qualified engineer.

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