Boiler no heating or hot water

Boiler no heating or no hot water

We Recommend you follow some easy checks before calling an engineer as it could save you money, we have listed some basic checks below:

* Check your boiler pressure, normally either on the front of your boiler or on the underside you will find a pressure gauge. Ensure that the pressure is between 1-1.5 bar. If it is lower than 1 bar simply top it up using your filling loop (usually underneath the boiler). 

* If you have hot water but your heating is not working check your programmer / thermostat is turned on for heating. If it's wireless try replacing the batteries.

* If there are no lights on the boiler check that the power supply to the boiler is turned on.

* If the boiler is displaying a fault code, check your boiler manual to see what the code relates to.

If you are still having issues after checking the above or are having difficulty then please contact us for a no obligation quote