Boiler Not Working - Frozen Condensate Pipe


We have had countless phone calls over the past few days for this issue so we have written some tips on how to fix it yourself for free below:


If your Boiler has broken down today then it is likely be caused by a Frozen Condensate Pipe. This is a white plastic pipe that can be seen under your Boiler and usually exits through the wall to a drain or connects into a Waste pipe outside . 
Try Boiling the Kettle, wait until it cools slightly and pour the water over the pipe externally. It will require patience but it does work , alternatively you could use a hair dryer to warm the pipe up. After you have done this reset the boiler and it should fire straight away , if the boiler still makes a gurgling noise then this means the pipe is still frozen.

Hope this helps , if it doesn’t then please call us to arrange an engineer visit, please spread the word

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