Boiler Not Working - Frozen Condensate Pipe

We have had countless phone calls over the past few days for this issue so we have written some tips on how to fix it yourself for free below:


If your Boiler has broken down today then it is likely be caused by a Frozen Condensate Pipe.


The New Baxi 600 series combi boiler review for 624 and 630

When Baxi informed us of the new 624 and 630 combi boilers being released in both 24kw and 30kw versions we were very pleased because it is a quality boiler with 7 year warranty and small enough to fit inside a kitchen cupboard.

The Baxi 624 and 630 has an updated Circuit board so that Smart controls such as Nest, Baxi Usense, Hive, Honeywell lyric, etc


Boiler no heating or hot water

We Recommend you follow some easy checks before calling an engineer as it could save you money, we have listed some basic checks below:

* Check your boiler pressure, normally either on the front of your boiler or on the underside you will find a pressure gauge. Ensure that the pressure is between 1-1.5 bar. If it is lower than 1 bar simply top it up using your filling loop (usually underneath the boiler). 


Why choose Ideal boilers?

Ideal boilers are available with long warranties for peace of mind and various sizes to suit every domestic / household boiler installation. 

Combi boilers were designed to be a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler combined, they deliver hot water on demand for your radiators and domestic hot water, combi boilers are a popular choice and account for over 50% of Britain's domestic boiler installations 


Why choose an Atag Boiler?

MB Gas & Heating are proud to be a part of the ATAG Select partner scheme. With over 68 years of manufacturing excellence, Atag the award winning dutch company also based in the UK since 2001, introduced its boilers to the UK market in 2005.

Atag now produce Europe’s most efficient boilers which could reduce your heating bills by as much as £570 per year. Atag have also been voted ‘Best Boiler’ by consumers in Holland for the past 7 years running.